Niall Ó Tuathail selected as Social Democrats candidate for Galway West/South-Mayo

It was confirmed last night(27th July 2017)  at a Social Democrats selection convention in Galway City, that Niall Ó Tuathail will run as the Social Democrat candidate for Galway-West / South-Mayo in the next General Election.
After the selection convention Niall said:
“I am proud to have the unanimous support of the incredible and growing team of volunteers in the Social Democrats Galway branch, as well as Róisín Shortall TD and Catherine Murphy TD.”
“At the next election, I want to lead Galway into a conversation about the future – particularly the future of our healthcare system, the future of our city as we grow from being a large town to a small city, and the future of our politics where I believe we need a big new party that can lead government and implement ambitious ideas. I’m looking forward to having that conversation with people at the doorsteps, at public meetings, on social media and over the radio waves.”
Ó Tuathail also asked people to join the campaign “We were about 1,500 votes short at the last election and another 20 dedicated volunteers would have been the difference in winning. If anyone would like to help make a difference in politics in Galway and Ireland, we would gladly welcome you to our team.”
The convention was chaired by the party National Chairperson Sarah Jane Hennelly, a confirmed candidate in Limerick city herself, who said:
“I’m very proud to be here to see Niall officially selected by the party & branch for the next general election for Galway west. Niall will be an exceptional legislator, he has the experience, expertise, work ethic and sincerity that will make the people of Galway West very proud. We are confident he’ll win his seat next time out.”
Niall has been involved with the Social Democrats since their formation two years ago. The party’s co-leader Róisín Shortall TD said:
“We are delighted to have Niall as our candidate for Galway West for the next general election. He is a dedicated and tireless activist who offers a strong voice and vision for change in the community.
“Niall and his team bring real enthusiasm and ambition to our movement to build a social democratic republic based on the values of fairness, equality, growth and sustainability.
“I know Niall to be a person with great energy and integrity – in particular his deep knowledge and experience in the area of healthcare makes him a powerful advocate for reforms to build a fair and efficient health system of which we can be proud.”
Galway Wests Social Democrats Chairperson Siobhan Cawley said
“We’re delighted to have Niall Ó Tuathail stand again in Galway West, he has the drive to fight inequality and extensive experience in healthcare reform, we need more candidates of his calibre to truly represent the people of the West. Niall has inspired a diverse, proactive group of volunteers to join the team and our performance in the last General Election showed that there is a huge appetite for change amongst voters. We are already building and growing a grassroots movement based on that support base and are hoping to have a newly elected Social Democrat TD after the next General Election. If you would like to get involved in the campaign please email [email protected]